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Introducing Katdemon Ink body piercing in Cardiff, where you will find the best high quality piercings in the South Wales. We are certain that you can rely on our tattoo and piercing parlor to give you the full support and information you need to ensure that your new piercing stays uninfected and heals correctly.

Whether you have come for a simple nose or ear piercing or somthing a little diffrent, you're sure to leave our studio fully satisfied with the service. So come down to Katdemon Ink for body piercing in Cardiff and see for yourself our professional, clean and hygienic studio that is always ready for your next piercing.

Delivering only a high quality service, Katdemon Ink's body piercing studio in Cardiff is the only place you need to be if you expect the best, qualified experts to give you your next piercing. Our friendly team understand all there is to know about the piercing industry, from sterilisation to the correct equipment needed for different areas of piercing.

Giving you only the highest quality in body piercing in Cardiff, our equipment has been approved by Cardiff Council, so you can be reassured that our area of work is extremely hygienic for you safety. We also anodise our titanium in store so look no further for professional piercing experience, head to the Katdemon Ink's Cardiff piercing store.

Completing the hygiene aspect of our work, we keep all piercing equipment separate and only set up when you're ready and instantly discard of their wrapping when finished. We invite you to watch the set up and break down to be sure every item is sterile and all single use equipment is thrown away after each customer to further decrease the chance of anyone catching unwanted infections.

We only use titanium bars, rings and studs and the standard silver colour is included in the price of your piercing. We also have a variety of colour options available if you wish to upgrade.

Daith Migrine piercing

Can Daith Piercings Stop Migraines?

Living with migraines can be a complete nightmare.

The severe headache usually appears as a throbbing pain at the front or side of the head and often causes feelings of nausea, vomiting and increased sensitivity to light and sound.

But a growing number of migraine sufferers have come to Katdemon Ink as they believe they may have found an unusual way to ease symptoms daith piercings.

Now I must say when I first heared of this new trend I was sceptical but I have now done many of these Daith piercings here in our studio in Cardiff and we have had very good feedback on this as a cure to headache and migranies.
A daith piercing is a piercing in the innermost cartilage fold of the ear and advocates say it works in the same way as acupuncture, targeting pressure points on the body's surface to ease discomfort.


Jane -"I've had it over a week and no migraine or headaches at all...no painkillers needed. ...brilliant"
Helen - I had mine done on 30 November and not had one migraine since, after suffering 25 years from them!
Carla - So far so good! (I'm touching wood!) had a few 'normal' headaches but nothing more than that. To be honest, I'm not expecting a cure but if they are reduced then I'm happy with that. Xxx
Molly - This is one of the best piercing places in Cardiff, I've had a few piercings done at other places in Cardiff but the support and aftercare here is above and beyond what is expected and I've not had any headaches since.

You can download the piercing after care sheet from Here